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The Weapons of Dig or Die[edit | edit source]

Weapons are your key to survival when your turrets and other base defenses aren't cutting it, or for your own protection while you venture out to gather materials to build said base. They all have relatively simple crafting requirements, so upgrading to the next tier of weapon should be a priority after upgrading your auto-builder. Typically, there is an ideal gun for every situation, but keep in mind that higher tier monsters will have damage-reducing armor, making lower tier weapons do less damage. Generally speaking, weapons of one tier will struggle against monsters of a higher tier, especially when they are attacking in larger numbers like during night.

Weapons also have a noticeable kickback when firing, which can be used to move faster or jump higher. This ability can be quite useful when trying to cross the The Chasm or travel through caves. The Plasma Shotgun and Plasma Sniper Rifle are the most effective at this, giving you a significant boost. However the Overcharged Plasma Gun will give you the largest one time boost but takes long to reload.

Because all weapons of a single type group into a stack (like any other item), crafting multiples of a single type of gun will not allow you to swap to a loaded gun of the same type instantly whenever your current one runs out.

Heating[edit | edit source]

Weapons doesn't have clipping or overheating lock, but (for most of them) their fire rate decrease when they are too hot. You can see this heat value in the weapon icon in the item bar, and with the cursor red circle. So to be as efficient as possible, it's best to shoot small bursts and wait for the heat to decrease before continuing. This way your average fire rate will be higher.

In detail: there are 2 basic variables for each gun about cooldown and heating:

  • the "basic cooldown" : it's the duration while you can't shoot, just after shooting, if the heating was 0.
  • the "heating speed" : it's the "heat value" added at each shot. This "heat value" will cooloff after the cooldown is finished. It will cooloff at the speed of "1 heat value/second".

So just after you shoot, it will block the weapon (red point in the cursor center) during the cooldown duration. The cooldown duration is equal to "basic cooldown * (1 + 2* heat_value)". After this cooldown duration, the weapon will start cooling off

Weapons Data[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Auto-Builder Automatic Range Damage P. Per Shot Cooldown Heating Fire Rate DPS Player Knockback Target Knockback Remarks
Plasma Rifle Item Plasma Rifle.png False 15 4 1 0.13s 12.5%



2 5
Plasma Shotgun Item Plasma Shotgun.png Item Auto-Builder.png False 9 4 8 0.21s 25%



10 5 Huge dispersion
Plasma Machine Gun Item Plasma Machine Gun.png Item Auto-Builder MK II.png True 15 5 1 0.11s 1.7%



2 5
Plasma Sniper Rifle Item Plasma Sniper Rifle.png Item Auto-Builder MK III.png False 20 35 1 0.45s 33.3%



10 30
Laser Gun Item Laser Gun.png Item Auto-Builder MK III.png True 15 10 1 0.22s 0%



0 0 Goes through enemies, no heating
Rocket Launcher Item Rocket Launcher.png Item Auto-Builder MK III.png False 25 50 1 0.6s 41.7%



5 30 Area of damage, does not damage blocks
ZF-0 Item ZF-0.png Item Auto-Builder MK IV.png True 25 7 1 0.08s 0.8%



0 2 Auto-target after first hit with damage increasing on time (up to 12), armor piercing bullets
Overcharged Plasma Gun Item Overcharged Plasma Gun.png Item Auto-Builder MK IV.png False 20 200 1 1.95s 66.7%



30 70 Goes through enemies
Gatling Laser Item Gatling Laser.png Item Auto-Builder MK IV.png True 15 10 1 0.1s 0%



0 0 Goes through enemies, no heating
Storm Gun Item Storm Gun.png Item Auto-Builder MK IV.png True 25 55 1 1.12s 16.7%



0 30 Auto target close targets, small area of damage, can be aimed at anywhere
Grenade Launcher Item Grenade Launcher.png Item Auto-Builder MK IV.png False 20 50 1 0.28s 16.7%



0 30 Area of damage, damages only breakable blocks
Particle Shotgun Item Particle Shotgun.png Item Auto-Builder MK V.png False 7 40 8 0.16s 25%



12 7 Huge dispersion
Particle Sniper Rifle Item Particle Sniper Rifle.png Item Auto-Builder MK V.png True 20 100 1 0.24s 25%



8 20
Flame Thrower Item Flame Thrower.png Item Auto-Builder MK V.png True 12 12 1 0.1s 0%



0 0 Damage ignores monster armor and will ignite the target on Fire
Ultimate Particle Gatling Item Ultimate Particle Gatling.png Item Ultimate Auto-Builder.png True 20 500 1 0.08s 0%



2 50 Goes through enemies. Weapon obtained only after finishing game or in creative mode
Ultimate Grenade Launcher Item Ultimate Grenade Launcher.png Item Ultimate Auto-Builder.png False 20 1010 1 0.2s 0%



0 50 Area of damage, damages any blocks. Weapon obtained only after finishing game or in creative mode

Reference: Weapons data table.

History[edit | edit source]

  • v0.2: updated using game code data directly
  • v0.11: updated
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