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Welcome to the general talk page[edit source]

Talk about Dig or Die and this wiki here, if you wish to chat with someone, use their profiles talk page!
Remember to use your wiki signature by using/typing ~~~~ after your message. Thank you!

Temporary[edit source]

Hi! I'm cd5ssmffan whats up

Greetings, nice to meet you! I am Anarchist.
We can talk here for now of course as the activity on this wiki isn't substantial but I am just pointing out that it's not usually for general discussion/introducing,
though I am not certain about it in terms of whether or not it's a global 'thing' with wikis or if it's just how each wiki chooses how to run/use their talk pages. :)
Anarchist MG Signature Transparent with Grunge.png 03:58, 1 July 2015 (UTC)

Questions for discussion[edit source]

Discuss something you had on your mind, try and keep it wiki related.

how GET Diamond and Strange Rock Heart so hard to find all, done just requier that! :(