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Welcome to the general talk page

Talk about Dig or Die and this wiki here, if you wish to chat with someone, use their profiles talk page!
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Hi! I'm cd5ssmffan whats up

Greetings, nice to meet you! I am Anarchist.
We can talk here for now of course as the activity on this wiki isn't substantial but I am just pointing out that it's not usually for general discussion/introducing,
though I am not certain about it in terms of whether or not it's a global 'thing' with wikis or if it's just how each wiki chooses how to run/use their talk pages. :)
Anarchist MG Signature Transparent with Grunge.png 03:58, 1 July 2015 (UTC)

Questions for discussion

Discuss something you had on your mind, try and keep it wiki related.

how GET Diamond and Strange Rock Heart so hard to find all, done just requier that! :(
Answer: Click on that.