Red Firefly

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Red Firefly
Monster Red Firefly.png

A Firefly is one of the airborne monster types you'll encounter. It has an energy bursting projectile-based attack that it fires three times per attack at a good distance. It is rather easy to dodge the projectiles, but can become tense when there are swarms of them firing at you from all different directions. Rotating Turrets can be effective if there are several of them, or Gatling Turrets if you can manage to let the firefly come in front of the turret. Later Heavy Turrets will deal with them much more easily.

Location[edit | edit source]

You can most commonly find red fireflies flying at the bottom of the Volcano in the East, and also on the lower Floating Islands.

Monster Data[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Speed HP Armor Range Damage Number of attacks Cooldown DPS Knockback Monster Knockback Target Drops (probability) Remarks
Red Firefly Monster Red Firefly.png 2 50 0 7 6 3 1s 18 1 5

Item Red Energy Gem.png(30%)

Monster and its projectiles emit light

Reference: Monsters data table.

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