Power generation

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Hydrolectric power generator example
An example of using the Hydrolectric power generator[1].

Power generators comes in three forms, the Solar Panel, Hydroelectric Power Generator and the Thorium Reactor. Each Solar Panel can create up to 1kW and both the Hydroelectric power generator and the thorium reactor can create up to 5kW.

Power is transferred with Electric Wire and can be turn on or off using a Toggle Switch.
Power can then be used to power Sun Lights, Teleporters, and other power consuming devices.

Solar panels need to be in bright light from surface at day, Lightonium or lightning from the Storm Gun.

The Hydroelectric power generator requires a sufficient water pressure difference to create power. Water pressure is dependent solely on the height of the water, not its total volume.

The Thorium Reactor generates 5kW continuously without any inputs.