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There is no modding in the game (for now at least), but you can modify a lot of custom parameters, and create a map.

Custom Params[edit | edit source]

See detailed help here

Map Edition[edit | edit source]

v1.1 adds various tools to help players edit the world, so it can be shared.

How to do it?[edit | edit source]

Get the "Empty" file from your Dig or Die local files (usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dig or Die\DigOrDie_Data\StreamingAssets\Empty World ). Copy it into your saved game folder (something like C:\Users\Gaddy\Documents\Dig or Die\76561198107938316\Saves\Solo).

This map is an (almost) empty world, with the params (Creative Mode, Dev Mode, etc.) already activated for map edition. Of course you can also start from another saved game. Use the tools describe below in order to modify the map as you wish. Save it on another name.

After your edits are done, you can remove the items you don't want the players to have (by pressing the Delete key after selecting them), clear the minimap (command /clearminimap), and remove the dev mode (command /param m_devMode = false). Once done, you can share your saved game file, or copy it to the Multi folder (C:\Users\Gaddy\Documents\Dig or Die\76561198107938316\Saves\Multi) in order to play it with other players (

Edition tools[edit | edit source]

  • Ultimate Dimensional Brush. Use this tool to create any mineral or background. Since v1.1, organic rock area is dynamic, so you can create it anywhere you want, and add the Organic Defenses too (try the two defense icons, one of them is useless if spawn with the Brush).
  • Ultimate Monster Gun. Use this tool in Dev Mode to spawn bosses and set their respawning area (spawning monsters, or bosses while not being in Dev Mode is useful just for fun or for testing purpose)
  • Param m_startCheated (default false): this is the Creative Mode parameter.
  • Param m_devMode (default false): minvincibility, fast travel/fly/noclip with numeric keypad arrows, time change with PageUp/PageDown/Home/End keys.
  • Param m_checkMinerals (default true): this param make the game spawn some minerals if not enough were detected in the world. It's active by default, but inactive in the Empty World because there is not enough rocks & dirt to spawn all minerals. You can active it back once you have finished creating your world.
  • Param m_dynamicSpawn (default false): Spawn the monsters dymically depending of the surrounding rocks/dirt backgrounds, instead of game mode specific positions. More info below.
  • A lot of other Custom Params can be modified in order to customize your world, like the day duration, the rain quantity, the lava cycle parameters, etc.
  • Command /clearminimap, to clear the minimap
  • Command /clearbosses, to kill all bosses and delete their lair/respawn area

Dynamic Spawn Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Those rules are used for day monster spawn, when the param m_dynamicSpawn is true. It's useful for heavily edited maps (but should not be used on normal worlds, it would make the game very hard or impossible to progress)
  • The rules are sorted (the first to be true is applied)
  • "bg" means the background most present in the screen area (or the closest one if no background in screen) : Dirt bg, Rock bg, Crystals bg, Granit bg, Lava bg, Organic bg
  • "Sky" area is where there is no rock/dirt background, and there is some sun light during day
  • "Cavern" area is where there is no rock/dirt background, and no sun light during day
Conditions Spawn Monsters
Dirt bg Sky > 80% Red Firefly Piranha
Caverns > 30% Bat
Sky > 10% Hound, Firefly
- Hound, Dweller
Rock bg
Lava bg AND Sky > 10%
Sky > 30% Black Firefly Black Piranha
Cavern > 30% Black Bat
- Black Hound, Black Dweller
Crystal bg - Armored Ant, Acid Ant Shark
Granit bg
Organic bg
Sky > 30% Black Firefly, Explosive Firefly
Cavern < 30% Particle Bug, Particle Bird
- Heavy Particle Bird, Hell Hound
Lava bg - Lava Spider, Lava Bat