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Electricity usage[edit | edit source]

To power machines transfer power using Electric Wires to power generators to electrical machines. Power is transferred instantly but each power grid can only transfer up to 250kw at any given time. Electric Wires are also used to carry signals from logic gates.

Here are example of electric circuits:

Switch circuit.png

Power Generation[edit | edit source]

Hydrolectric power generator example
An example of using the Hydrolectric power generator[1].
There are 3 different machines that produce power: Solar Panels, Hydroelectric Power Generators[2], and Thorium Reactors.

Solar panels connected to teleporter with electrical wire.

  • Hydroelectric Power Generators produce 1-5kw and requires water to flow from one side of the generator to the other. The amount of power produced by the generator is depends on the pressure of water passing through it. Water pressure is dependent solely on the distance from the top of the body of water regardless of vertical obstruction, not its total volume, and can be determined by hovering over a full block of water with a Water Detector attached. The amount of pressure needed to produce power is shown on the table below
water pressure kW generated
<4 0
4-6 1
6-7 2
7-9 3
9-11 4
>11 5

Example of a hydroelectric generator working h24:


  1. Hydrolectric power generator
  2. These are made in the walls tab in the auto builder not the machines tab.
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