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Electricity usage[edit | edit source]

To power machines you need to transfer power using conductors called Electric Wires from the power generators to electrical machines. Power is transferred instantly but each power grid can only transfer up to 250kw at any given time. Electric Wires are also used to carry signals from logic gates.

Here is an example of a simple electric circuit in the game:

Switch circuit.png

  • The Bright Red wire shows a HI Signal from the Signal Generator, the Switch stops and starts the flow of current. The Dark Red wire shows a Low Signal and no power is going to the Door so it is in the closed state. Once the Switch is thrown current will flow and the Door will get the HI Signal and open up as long as it has power.

  • Signal Generator creates ε signal but adds +0 Power to the Power lines. So if you want to activate devices that require kW to energies, then you will need a Power Generator in your circuit.

Power Generation[edit | edit source]

There are 3 different machines that produce power: Solar Panels, Hydroelectric Power Generators, and Thorium Reactors.

Solar panels connected to teleporter with electrical wire. Runoff water in the caverns running a Hydro Dam. Use Thorium Reactors where other sources can't.

Solar Panels[edit | edit source]

Requires all spectrum light (red, green, and blue) and bright enough (>140 luminosity) to produce 1kw power. Some options for light is from bright light from the surface at day, or from Lightonium. Solar panels don't block other solar panels. Thus, making it possible to stack Solar Panels with Wooden Platforms this way.

Hydroelectric Power Generators[edit | edit source]

Produces 1-50kw and requires water to flow from one side of the generator to the other. The amount of power produced by the generator is depends on the pressure of water passing through it. Water pressure is dependent solely on the distance from the top of the body of water regardless of vertical obstruction, not its total volume, and can be determined by hovering over a full block of water with a Water Detector activated. Every 2 tile of vertical water add +1 more kW to power your electrical machines.

Thorium Reactors[edit | edit source]

Will constantly produce 5kw of power without questions. Thorium reactors are the hardest of all other generators to manufacture, but are very useful in places where you can't get other sources of power, such as powering volcano bases. It also useful when you need a portable source of power to bring with you as you explore the world, and does not require bright light access or water.