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You have crash landed on a hostile planet, this new found environment comes with as much beauty as it does terror.
You are not alone on this planet and the conditions are not suitable for normal living.

You're a representative of the CRAFT&Co logo.pngCRAFT & Co company, you sell automated fabrication tools around the galaxy, use these tools with the new environment to survive.

You need to escape and the only way you're going to do it is to craft with the tools you have in your possession.

The Goal[edit | edit source]

The main progression in the game Dig or Die is crafting. You can not move forward at all without crafting. The end goal is to find a way off the planet, which means you need a new spaceship to launch and to break the hostile planet's atmosphere.

To Craft[edit | edit source]

Your crafting ability allows you to automatically fabricate tools and objects through the use of state of the art, technologically advanced machines, called Auto-Builders. Use the planet's natural resources to craft and survive each night.

For the list of what can be crafted, see the crafting menus of each Auto-Builder on their respective page, or see the complete list below.

Each Auto-Builder represents a distinct tier of technology, and each one needs to be crafted using its predecessor.

List of Auto-Builders: