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You are a representative of the CRAFT & Co company. You are selling automated fabrication tools across the galaxy when your spacecraft crashes into a hostile planet. Use the tools you sell and the local resources to build up all of what you'll need to survive and eventually be able to escape the planet.

CRAFT&Co logo.png The "CRAFT" in CRAFT & Co stands for Creative Research on Automated Fabrication Technologies and their recruitment ads (shown right) feature the slogan "Join us now!".

Company advertisement[edit | edit source]

Become a representative of CRAFT & Co and help us sell our tools all over the Confederation Systems. Frequent travels and change of scene guaranteed!

Best automated fabrication tools[edit | edit source]

  • CRAFT&CO tools make people able to build almost anything from local resources, from basic housing needs to most advanced defenses and rockets
  • CRAFT&CO tools are environmentally responsible and support local employment

Help us build that new society!

The Confederation's new leading company[edit | edit source]

  • For the last 90 years, CRAFT&CO has grown to become the largest company in the automatic fabrication technologies, its sales approaching $150 trillion annually. Join us and gain a fair share of our profits!

We create the future[edit | edit source]

  • Research and development is the core of CRAFT&CO activities. Our last leading-edge innovation is a revolutionary Artifical Intelligence. Work for us and you'll get your own spacecraft piloted by our last A.I. prototype.