Black Hound

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Black Hound
Monster Black Hound.png

A Black Hound is one of the monster types you'll encounter.

It attack the player on close range. They are very fast and can jump quite high, making escaping very difficult. Gatling Turrets and Heavy Turrets are particularly effective against black hounds, and water can be used to slow them down.

Location[edit | edit source]

You can most commonly find Black Hounds in the Stone Caverns, deep in the underground, and also inside the Volcano.

Monster Data[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Speed HP Armor Range Damage Number of attacks Cooldown DPS Knockback Monster Knockback Target Drops (probability) Remarks
Black Hound Monster Black Hound.png 4 85 0 0 10 1 1s 10 0 10

Item Black Hound Horn.png(50%)

Reference: Monsters data table.

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