Base Defense

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Base Defense

Base Defense is an official custom game mode that focuses in purely building a base.

How it plays[edit | edit source]

The player spawns near the crashed spaceship. To the left, there is a cliff, which the players can take advantage of. The map is pretty limited, the underground is filled with ancient basalt, preventing underground exploration.

The game plays with a very short daytime (108s daytime, 108s nighttime). Every night, the monster spawns and drops radioactive blood when killed, like usual. Players can use radioactive bloods to progress. The recipes are altered to only accept radioactive blood, therefore it's not recommended to gather any items outside, since they're useless.

New monster species will start spawning every 2 nights, and spawns 15% more every other night. When there is no monster species left to spawn, all monster HP and damage increases by 10% over the previous value every night. Since there are 17 different monster species, this means the monsters will start getting stronger after day 33. Eventually, the monsters will be able to one-hit-kill players and defenses.

In game Description[edit | edit source]

100% base building and defense without any exploration.