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Achievements are not required to be beaten to complete the game, but give the player some new challenges to overcome.
They are tracked and uploaded on Steam.
You can't get rewarded for achievements if you enable any params changes or playing multiplayer for example.

List of Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Tier II : Build an Auto-Builder MK II (Solo only)
  • Tier III : Build an Auto-Builder MK III (Solo only)
  • Tier IV : Build an Auto-Builder MK IV (Solo only)
  • Tier V : Build an Auto-Builder MK V (Solo only)
  • Escaped! : Escape from the planet (Solo only)
  • Epilogue : What do they say about the Marvel movies credits? (Remark: other achievements are deactivated during epilogue)(Solo only).
  • Crystal Multiplication : Generate new Black Crystals (Solo only).
  • Xenocide : Kill even what is not alive (Solo only).
  • Joined in Hell : Kill them both (Solo only).
  • M-M-M-Monster Kill! : Your AI drone kills 5 monsters in a row (max 0.8s between each kill) (Solo only)
  • Lucky Shot : Kill 20 monsters with one single projectile (Solo only).
  • Run Forest, Run! : Survive the first night without shooting nor crafting anything, in Hard or Brutal difficulty (Solo only).
  • Action Man : Survive the first night without crafting anything, in Brutal difficulty (Solo only).
  • Brutal Escape : Escape from the planet in Brutal difficulty (Solo only).
  • Early Dive : Reach the underground ocean and go back to the surface, without crafting Auto-Builder MK2, in Hard or Brutal difficulty (Solo only).
  • Amish Paradise : Finish the game without producing any electricity in Hard or Brutal difficulty (Solo only).
  • Master Tower Builder : Build a tower at least 70 blocks height (Solo only).
  • Master Bridge Builder : Build a bridge at least 40 blocks large (Solo only)

Debug and Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achiev Display.png
By pressing the key F4 you will bring up the debug information in the game. Achievement values are shown above.
The first two values show if achievements are disabled (by changing params, starting events, creative mode or in custom maps) / if the world is in post-game (the crashed ship is replaced with new one and drones stop working).
The middle 4 values show if you still have "no electricity" / "no shoot" / "no craft"/ "no MK II"
The last 3 values show if you have reached the underground ocean / if you have the early dive achievement / the current drone combo kill combo number (max is 1024).

Clear Achievements[edit | edit source]

Clear Achievements.jpg

You can clear the history of completed Achievements by on the game's title screen holding the key buttons "C" + "L" at the same time. You will get a confirmation screen to finalize the request. This will only reset all your Achievements, you will still keep the amount of hours of game play and all your save files intact.